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  • Bob K.

    Great old school donut shop. Always busy and the staff are great . Never a disappointment.
    - Bob K. 5 Star Rating
  • Jake J.

    Great shop.  Everything was fresh and service excellent.  Large selection of donuts, pastries and pies.   First visit yesterday and retuned today for an elephant ear and lemon donut.  Looking forward to trying more on next trip.
    - Jake J. 5 Star Rating
  • Rebecca S.

    I came here for the first time the other day at about 5 am for a few bagels. I was overwhelmed with the amount of options and the girl behind the counter was super nice and told me her favorites along with the most popular choices. I ended up getting the few that she recommended and they were delicious. And not very expensive either. I would definitely return to this place in the future!
    - Rebecca S. 5 Star Rating
  • Max P.

    My friends and I are addicted to the donuts here. Both the cake donuts and the raised donuts are amazing. You cannot go wrong with any of the flavors, but I particularly love the Apple (a cake donut) and the classic jelly filled donut. Please check Flanders out when you're in the East Lyme/New London area, or just passing through on 95. It is worth the detour!
    - Max P. 5 Star Rating
  • Jesse L.

    Wow! This place is incredible! I would like to thank Greg who went above and beyond to make me exactly what I needed! A very incredible work of art to help celebrate my sons birthday!!! You completely went out of your way for me! It was a special day for a special boy and you put out more that you know!!!! Thank you for the bottom of my heart!
    - Jesse L. 5 Star Rating
  • John S.

    I feel this is one of southeastern Connecticuts hidden secrets. Some of the finest pastries made from old school recipes, at very reasonable prices. I do not have a bad thing to say about the delicious pastries that are offered.
    - John S. 5 Star Rating
  • Martha P.

    Best donuts and coffee cakes ANYWHERE!!!! This awesome place sent us donuts at the cancer center to show their appreciation. Thank you!!!
    - Martha P. 5 Star Rating
  • Kelly C.

    I've been a customer since 1995 and they have been my go to bakery ever since, more and more yummy each year.I am not a fan of DD at all. Flanders donuts are the best around with so many kinds to choose from. My favorite is the crumb donut and the newer addition of creme filled with chocolate frosting.
    - Kelly C. 5 Star Rating
  • Jennifer M.

    So fresh, so delicious. I had a bagel sandwich and the bagel was soft and fluffy. The donuts are also extremely soft and fresh. We will be going again and again.
    - Jennifer M. 5 Star Rating
  • Customer

    This is a little mom/pop place known as a local favorite. There is only takeout, no seating. But their bagels are the best, slightly crunchy on the outside, moist and chewy inside. The spinach garlic bagel is the best, topped with egg and cheese- even better. There is a good selection of donuts that look fresh made. Their apple turnovers, Apple Betty and elephant ears look yummy! I have not been able to get past the bagels yet to try anything else but based on their lines in the morning, everything is probably up to par. There are also some meat and cheese breads similar to calzones. Staff are always pleasant too.
    - Customer 5 Star Rating
  • Scott F.

    For nearly 50 years my family has enjoyed the incredible baked delights that Flanders Bakery proudly serves. This family owned business is managed the old fashioned way, they offer the finest donuts in the world and know you by name. Needless to say, they are an amazing hard working family. Skip Dunkin and instead stop in and enjoy the best at Flanders Bakery.
    - Scott F. 5 Star Rating
  • Jackie O

    The donuts are phenomenal as all other reviewers have said before. Their cake/old-fashioned style donuts are slightly crispy with an incredibly soft inside. The yeast donuts are soft and pillowy- fluffy beyond words. Best part? Cheap. No messing around. Simple donuts. Cash only. Aren't those the best donut shops anyway? They've been around for nearly 50 years so they have to be good.
    - Jacki O. 5 Star Rating
  • Pat M.

    These are the best donuts ever!  The owners are so generous as well... I placed an order to take into my job at Hartford Hospital Institute of Living and when they discovered that's where the order was going they DONATED all 9 dozen donuts!! I can't say thank you enough... amazing people and overly generous especially in these times and for such a small operation to do that ..unimaginable!!  So these wonderful people.. you won't regret purchasing their stuff.. it's absolutely delicious!
    - Pat M. 5 Star Rating
  • Hanna C.

    Absolutely love this place. Reminds me of the bakery I grew up going to every day after school. Donuts are delicious!!!
    - Hanna C. 5 Star Rating
  • Customer

    We really enjoyed our warm bagels. This is a family owned and operated bakery. The food is made daily and is reasonably priced.
    - 5 Star Rating
  • Customer

    The Flanders Bake Shop has been an institution in East Lyme for many years, and with good reason. The baked goods are delicious, fresh, and high quality. Only danger is that visiting too often can be hazardous to your waist line. But for an occasional treat it can't be beat. Also great place to get a cake for birthdays or other special occasions. Staff is extremely friendly.
    - Customer 5 Star Rating
  • Jeremiah K.

    The best donuts around, and the bagels are amazing too. There is always a line whether it's a few people or out the door, which attests to how good they are. Love this place.
    - Jeremiah K. 5 Star Rating
  • Mary B.

    This unassuming bake shop has great strudel, donuts, and bagels. Service is quick and polite. Food is a great value!
    - Mary B. 5 Star Rating